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Friday, 1 April 2011

A Plastic World

Ever noticed how people who are beautiful (or extremely sexually attractive) act like normal rules and regulations don't apply to them?
Like when they step into a room, even time, who waits for no one, either stands still or moves at such a snail's pace that everything seems to be moving in slow motion?
Like when they are interviewed for a job, it doesn't matter if they are less qualified, all that matters is if there is someone more attractive than they are vying for that position, and if their employer is of the opposite sex?
Like, when they happen to be hanging out with another human being who is far less attractive than they are, they seem apologetic to the rest of the world, like "I'm sorry, but I'm this kind hearted soul who sees more to people than their looks..." Have you ever noticed that? I have.

Some people say "It's a Man's world" others say "It's a woman's world". I'd say all of those people are wrong. It's a beautiful world. And it belongs to the beautiful. The people who control the world (male OR female) will always defer to people of the opposite sex (what am I saying? With the almost universal acceptance of homosexuality, I have to correct myself) I mean, to people of ANY sex who they find attractive. And as a result, the value of being beautiful increases.

Why? One has to pause and ponder, why is beauty so important? Why is it so much in demand? If you have ever stopped to look at a sunset, with its awesome bronze rays transforming into hues of indigo, painting a landscape golden red; if you've ever stopped to admire the intricacies and inhale the fragrance of a flower; if you ever felt that rush, that feeling of being given a glimpse of the artistic capacity of the almighty, you will understand. You might be unable to explain it, but you'd definitely understand.
Pleasurable sounds, aromas, tastes or tactile sensations have become so commonplace, almost mundane (or at least, man-made) to us all.
No big deal. Play the song again, spray some air freshener, have the meal again, and touch it one more time. Easily achievable.
But when you SEE something beautiful, it is a gift, a touch of divinity. A beautiful sunset, a beautiful flower, a beautiful person.

Let me put it in perspective for you. It takes a gifted painter a few weeks, at the very least, to simulate a sunset as beautiful as the one God creates every single day. It takes florists same amount of time, precision and care to bring forth a bouquet of roses, amethysts, chrysanthemums or any other exotic sounding flower one can remember. But people, the beautiful ones, are born each day. And the almighty doesn't even bother to sign his signature on their lovely, delicate behinds. He gives us his own beauty free of charge.

And we are awed by it. By beautiful people, or by their close relations, very sexy people. We cannot (easily) control ourselves in their presence. We are drawn. And they know it.
"Sorry officer, silly me. I thought the speed limit was 50 MILES per hour, not kilometers. Thanks for the last 5 times you let me off without a speeding ticket. I promise, I really do, that I won't break the speed limit again..."

And if you are as selectively ambitious as I am, you get to a stage when being with desirable people is no longer a good enough ambition. You want more. You want to be desirable yourself. They, after all, don't have two heads (and if they did, they wouldn't be desirable in the first place)! And this, I guess, is where everybody's opinions diverge.

We all know looks are, to a very large extent, God given. But then again, so is rain, fire, earthquakes and the like. And the truth is, some people (myself included), as far as looks go, are natural disasters. Too fat, too thin, knock-knee'd, crosseyed, doggone, awfully ugly people. Its not an insult, just a statement of fact. The insult, actually, would be to look such a person in the eye and lie to his/her face that (s)he looks like an angel when (s)he looks closer to what one's imagination of a demon would be!

In university, I had this habit of calling EVERYbody "fine GERL" or "fine BWOY" (especially as I noticed that it kept most people too pleased to notice that I don't know or remember their names). And I guess it caught on. So guess what happened one day when my excessively boisterous final year room mate goes on a "fine BOY/GERL" screaming spree? No need to guess, I was there, I'll tell you.

Mr Rex (okay, he should be DR Rex by now) and I were walking through the environmental science faculty building one day and he was just being his normal noisy self, ejaculating greetings to all and (distant) sundry: "Heeeey! Fine bwoy! Wetin dey?" "Fine gerl, how far na?" when an excessively tall, excessively thin (I think the word 'lanky' would just not fully depict this), heavily bespectacled young man, with startlingly asymmetrical facial features and bepimpled, pockmarked skin came walking in our direction. He had his hand outstretched in greeting and I guess Rex did not look too closely. At this point, time seemed to have slowed down, because I saw the ensuing actions in slow-mo... Rex just raised his own hands and brought it down in an exuberant handshake, at the same time bellowing from the bottom of his lungs {sorry, spellings adjusted for slow motion} "heeeeeyyyyy, ffffffiiiiinnnnneee bbboooyyyy!!!" and a 'clap', the sound of palm meeting palm.

I swear, time stood still! The whole faculty seemed to stop and stare. It was like there was an anomaly in the time-space continuum threatening the very fabric of our existence! Everybody froze, including Rex and the unfortunate fellow, hand in hand. At least, the dude had the presence of mind to let out a surprised, embarrassed chuckle. That seemed to restore order, or at least placate the bewildered, upset crowd. "It must have been a mistake..." I could almost hear them thinking while the fellow dragged my roommate to a corner.
"What was he telling you?" I asked Rex when he walked back towards me, looking much more somber this time.
"Meen! I bin no look the guy before I yarn oh..." He replied, already recapturing some of his dissipated animatedness, "...Him just tell me say, 'Guy abeg, ABEG! No call me fine boy again!' "

And it is not fair, if you ask me, that another human being is, from birth, put on a lower pedestal than others just because of the way he looks. But truth is, life is not fair. I don't, however, care about that. What I do care about is DOING something about that.

Now the problem (to me) is that some people feel that because you were born with your looks the way you are, you should leave 'well' alone and do nothing about it. Well, you were born with a slimy green placenta dangling from your belly button (I KNOW SO, I am a doctor, remember?) but I don't see you walking around with an ugly dried up 20 something year old placenta, do I? Good!

So I am interested in finding a solution, and I think I have...


This post has been so long that I might as well make it another series.
Guess I'll see ya next week.

Its your boy,
Fly Fellow Y'all!


  1. oga no dull oh...abeg next week... whats the remedy... me i go like use am too sef you know....

  2. Nip and Tuck, Lipo- suck